Moodboard: Green Oasis

Green Oasis | Greige Living Interior Magazine

Moodboard: Green Oasis Welcome back to our moodboard series, where we give you inspiration and guide you on your design journey. In todays mood board edition, we present “Green Oasis,” a harmonic combination of natural elements colors and shapes. With hexagon tiles, modern sinks and loads of plants, this moodboard reflects sustainability and relaxation. Let’s explore […]

Basic Interior Color Guide

Paint Samples | Greige Living Interior Design Magazine

Basic Interior Color Guide The power of color happens whenever you walk into a room and either feel excited, curious and energetic, or the opposite. Color is, besides the right lighting, the key elements in setting the right atmosphere in your home. Choosing the right colors can makes the difference between a boring living area […]

Moodboard: Bright Elegance

Bright Elegance | Greige Living Interior Magazine

Moodboard: Bright Elegance Welcome to our interior moodboard series, where we bring together elements to inspire and guide you on your design journey. In this edition, we present “Bright Elegance,” a timeless combination of sophistication and warmth. With herringbone flooring, linen drapes, an upholstered bed, and wooden side tables, this moodboard reflects luxury and comfort. Let’s […]

8 Hot Bathroom Trends In 2024

10 Top Bathroom Trends for 2024

8 Hot Bathroom Trends in 2024 Remember those old standard bathrooms that were just for quick showers and brushing your teeth? Well, those days are finally over! For the past 10 years, bathrooms have evolved into creating a personal oasis, a spa-like retreat right in your own home. Think comfy, luxurious, and close to nature […]

Easy Industrial Mirror Makeover

DIY Industrial Mirror Makeover | Greige Living

DIY Industrial Mirror Makeover Industrial-look mirrors are not only highly sought-after, but also come with a very high price tag. Nevertheless, a mirror like this looks great and conjures up a modern look in any home. That’s why today I’m going to show you how you can transform any mirror with a frame into […]

Naturally Amazing Home Scents

How to make your home smell amazing | Greige Living

10 Tips – how to make your home smell amazing Have you ever walked through your door and thought, oh no! What died in here? Children, pets and even yourself carry many different smells into your home every day that seem really hard to fight. The way your home smells is actually the smell you […]

DIY Succulent Planter

Succulent Planter | Greige Living

DIY Project – make your own succulent planter I love succulents! I must confess that I am the proud owner of a ton of cactus and succulents. Simply because they are so great! They look great and they don’t always die immediately when I forget to water them. And because these treasures are so incredibly practical, […]

9 Tips for a Comfortable Home

Cozy Home | Greige Living

9 Tips for a comfortable home Make a house your home. This Ikea advertising slogan is making the right point. Anyone can live anywhere, but having a home where you just feel comfortable is something special. That’s why I’ve put together some tips and tricks for making your home so cozy that you’ll never want […]

Small Plant Guide

Small Plant Guide | Greige Living

Small Plant Guide for Your Home And Health Every day, cities grow over our heads and our surroundings become more and more cramped. Miles of concrete landscapes as far as the eye can see, but fortunately there are some houseplants that bring a sense of nature back into our homes. Properly placed, they not only […]

Easter Bunny Napkins

Easter Bunny Napkins | Greige Living

Cheap & Easy DIY Flowerpot Soon it will be the beginning of spring and then Easter. One of the best ways to make your Easter table look beautiful is to decorate it with folded Easter napkins. The best thing is: it only takes a few seconds and you can do it with both cloth […]