Bohemian Design

Boho or bohemian is currently on everyone’s lips. But what is this boho style anyway? Where does it come from and how can you copy it at home?
Boho is actually nothing really new or unknown. Especially in the 60s and 70s this style very widespread in the hippie scene. At that time it was something very special to travel around the world and get to know new cultures. And that happens at the moment quite the same. Cheap travel deals and globalization provide more and more travelers. They go with their backpacks to the most exotic places, where no normal tourist would go and explore the most breathtaking areas. The mix of different cultural features is what makes the bohemian style so unique. Of course, there are a few basic style elements that can often be found in boho interiors, but first and foremost, this design style is a lifestyle.

Bohemian is the lifestyle of good vibes

So how do you get those vibes into your own home? You could, of course, go on the road and gradually gather your own little collection of special furniture pieces and foreign decorations. But you could also just walk into the nearest store and come across some little treasures. It’s quite remarkable what globalization makes possible, so it doesn’t matter which of the two options you choose. To live the bohemian lifestyle to the fullest, you probably won’t be able to avoid a little bit of traveling, but we’re talking about interior design style now. Most home decor stores have long since jumped on this bandwagon and carry quite a few treasures in their collection. So what makes the bohemian design style?

Bohemian Design | Greige Living Interior Design Magazine

The Base

As you keep reading, you’ll find that this style can quickly end in complete sensory overload. So I think having a neutral base is a pretty good idea. You can use it to provide some balance. Originally, this trend was implemented with bare concrete or red brick walls. In some homes that is possible, but not everyone wants to leave the walls completely bare these days. So painting the wall color in neutral tones like white, cream or light gray is a good start. On the other hand, a wall with exotic wallpaper is of course a real statement, while being so busy that you don’t even need to spend that much money on many different decorations.

A hardwood floor gives your space an instant warmth that welcomes everyone, but it’s not a must, of course. The great thing about bohemian style is that it’s easy to implement anywhere, because it’s mostly about you and your personal experience. At least, it should be.


If you want to create your home in bohemian design, the textiles are a very important point. Exotic patterns, oriental fabrics or even lace can be generously distributed in the room. Oriental carpets can be placed on the floor or hung on the wall. Fill the room with all sorts of new things to discover until you have enough. Make sure that the colors match harmoniously and do not clash.First, dress up your windows with heavy fabric or lace curtains and garnish them with small crochet details and/or tassels. Then fill the room with soft pillows. Crochet, lace, oriental, anything goes as long as you’re comfortable. Make it cozy.


To complete the overall picture, blankets and throws are your best friend. With them, you can unite the different textiles and turn your home into a palace of coziness. Even if you don’t want to take the bohemian style too far, a crocheted or patterned blanket is a good start for any room.

Bohemian Livingroom | Greige Living
Bohemian Bedroom | Greige Living

The Furniture

Make yourself comfortable. Statement furniture with oriental fabrics, retro tables made of wood, hanging chairs and vintage equipment may be generously distributed in the room. Don’t push everything up against the walls, but spread your furniture loosely around the room to give it a bit of playfulness. If you’re not a fan of plush sofas, leather chairs are also a great alternative.

It really depends on how extreme you want to go with this style. If you’d rather keep your furniture a little more simple and use a little more decoration for it, that’s perfectly fine. Of course, you can also apply this style in a certain color palette and express yourself especially through textures and deco elements.


Light is THE deciding factor for creating a certain mood. Start accenting with small tea lights and then work your way up to light fixtures. Especially popular for a bohemian look are lights with colored glass and vintage metal frames, as well as rattan. These literally invite you to explore. Instead of having one big ceiling lamp, scatter small lights, lanterns and fairy lights around your home to create a feel-good space. But don’t forget to provide certain places like the reading chair and the desk with enough light to work. Design should always be functional.

Boho Livingroom | Greige Living
Boho Diningroom | Greige Living

Boho is in the detail

Finally comes the most important thing, the decorations. Fill your home with all the travel souvenirs you can find. These accents are what make bohemian style personal. If you haven’t traveled that much before, or you just never thought of taking something back from a trip, that’s not a bad thing either. Small Buddhas or elephants, old books and golden cutlery, as well as copper mugs and vases with flowers can be found in many stores nowadays. Just see what you like and what suits you personally. You have an old guitar? Hang it up. Anything that reflects your personality and brings back fond memories is a perfect fit.

Boho is the exception to every rule. Breaking them is the program and absolutely desirable. Conjure up a home of beautiful memories and discoveries. If it suits you, it can’t be wrong! What are you waiting for? Everyone can use a little boho and good vibes only. And if you don’t want to go completely overboard, this style is also great to combine with other design styles, like Scandinavian design or industrial.