Small Plant Guide for Your Home And Health

Small Plant Guide | Greige Living

Small Plant Guide for Your Home And Health Every day, cities grow over our heads and our surroundings become more and more cramped. Miles of concrete landscapes as far as the eye can see, but fortunately there are some houseplants that bring a sense of nature back into our homes. Properly placed, they not only […]

DIY Industrial Mirror Makeover on a Budget

DIY Industrial Mirror Makeover | Greige Living

DIY Industrial Mirror Makeover Industrial-look mirrors are not only highly sought-after, but also come with a very high price tag. Nevertheless, a mirror like this looks great and conjures up a modern look in any home. That’s why today I’m going to show you how you can transform any mirror with a frame into […]

The History of the Livingroom

History of the Livingroom | Greige Living

The History of the Living Room The history of the living room from its first name to the present day. On this short journey through time, each country has of course had its own change in style. However, some movements and wars affected almost all parts of the world and were decisive for the historical […]