Cheap & Easy DIY Flowerpot

We love plants! They are just great to decorate your home and garden with, not only because most of them look beautiful, but also because they bring the feeling of nature back into your home. They also include the health benefits they provide, such as filtering the air of chemical toxins and air pollution. >You can learn even more about them here.< But not only do the plants come at a price, but so do the flower pots. Depending on the size of the plant, they cost between 10€ – 100€. Just to put your flower in a beautiful pot. Needless to say, we need more DIY’s for affordable options. So here is one of our tips for a beautiful jute flower pot.

DIY Planter | Greige Living

What you need for your jute flower pot

  • Pot
  • Jute yarn
  • Hot glue
  • Acrylic paint
  • Scissors

Step by step: How to make your own jute flower pot

For this DIY, all you need is the planter that you normally plant your flowers in directly. There are several advantages to using this instead of putting it in another pot: First, you don’t need another pot, so you can save the money on more plants. Second, these plastic planters have holes in the bottom, which is ideal for watering from below and prevents the roots of your plants from rotting. If you’re using the flower pot indoors, make sure you place a plate or something similar underneath to catch the water. You can also use the flower pot outdoors. Ours has been outside for two months now and still looks like new.
DIY Planter | Greige Living

Cut the jute to size

Wrap the jute around your plastic planter and cut it to size.

DIY Planter | Greige Living

Leave some space

Leave some fabric at the top and bottom to fold over later.

DIY Planter | Greige Living

Take the hot glue

Draw a straight line on the pot and tape the beginning of your jute there.

DIY Planter | Greige Living

Glue the edge

Spread the glue on the edge and roll it along 2 cm from the edge of your fabric.

DIY Planter | Greige Living

Wrap the jute around the pot

Glue the jute back to the starting point.

DIY Planter | Greige Living

Tighten the jute

If your pot is narrower under, you need to glue two small darts.

DIY Planter | Greige Living

Glue the inner edge

Wrap the seam allowance around your edge and tape it in place.

DIY Planter | Greige Living

Glue the floor

Glue the fabric to the floor as well. Spread it evenly so that it does not wobble afterwards.

DIY Planter | Greige Living

Take your jute yarn

Wrap the yarn around your pot and make a nice bow.

DIY Planter | Greige Living

Paint the bottom edge

Paint the bottom edge with the acrylic paint. Let it dry and your jute flower pot is ready.

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