10 Tips - how to make your home smell amazing

Have you ever walked through your door and thought, oh no! What died in here? Children, pets and even yourself carry many different smells into your home every day that seem really hard to fight.

The way your home smells is actually the smell you carry through your daily life and the way other people remember you. Knowing that your friends and family keep a connection between your smell and your face in their minds, it’s probably better if your home smells good.

Especially if you have pets and kids in the house, it’s better not to use chemical air fresheners. That’s why I have some natural tips for a fragrant home.

How to make your home smell amazing | Greige Living

Make your own fridge deodorant

For this you will need:

  • a small bowl
  • 1 pkt. baking soda or baking powder
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice


Mix the baking soda and lemon juice in the small bowl and put it in the fridge. This will neutralize the stench in the fridge and keep it smelling good and fresh for a few weeks.

Fresh flowers and houseplants

This tip is very simple and looks great to boot. Decorate your home with fresh flowers or houseplants and it will smell much better. Many houseplants provide fresh air and filter toxic chemicals from the air. See my article “A little plant guide for your home” to find the right plants for you.

Pimp your air filters

If you have a ventilation system at home, you’ve probably cleaned or replaced your air filters before. The next time you clean that filter, drip a few drops of essential oil onto the filter. There are many different scents to choose from. Lavender, lemon and eucalyptus, for example, are very popular. This trick is much healthier than chemical-based air fresheners.

Open the windows

This tip may sound obvious, but unfortunately many people forget to open their windows often enough. Maybe you don’t like to open your windows when it’s cold outside or it’s noisy. However, in order for the bad air to go out and fresh air to come in, you need to open your windows every once in a while.

Even if your home actually smells pretty good, fresh air is very important for the health of everyone living in it. If you don’t like to have the windows open for several hours a day, try to air your home for at least five minutes every few hours. The fresh air will make you more alert and give you more energy for the day.

how to make your home smell amazing | Greige Living

The secret of the paper roll

Bathrooms are usually cut quite small. To have a great scent in this room and avoid stench, drip a few drops of essential oil in the middle of your toilet paper rolls. Every time someone takes some toilet paper, the scent of the oil will spread around the room. By the way, this trick works not only with the toilet paper roll, but also with your kitchen roll.

The smell of fresh coffee

The smell of fresh coffee puts most people in a good mood. If you have guests over, brew up a pot of fresh coffee and make your friends feel welcome. Your guests aren’t there to drink coffee? You can also just put some coffee beans in a bowl and light a candle in the middle. This will diffuse the scent of coffee without having to drink it.

Cook up some fruit

Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh fruit? Get some citrus fruits, cut them open and boil them in hot water. The scent of the fruit will spread throughout the house, making it smell fresh and delicious. While you have guests, you can let this mixture simmer for a few hours at a low temperature, just make sure that the water doesn’t boil away. When you leave the house, turn off the stove, of course. In winter, you can add a little cinnamon to the mixture and spread a Christmas mood.

clean your upholstered furniture and curtains

Everyday dirt nests everywhere and doesn’t leave a pleasant scent. Your couch, carpet and curtains soak up dirt and odors and should be washed or sprayed every few weeks. If you don’t wash your fabrics, no matter how many things you try, the smell will stay. Freshly washed curtains and furniture will make your home smell great in no time.

Dryer sheets in the closet

Even if you don’t have a dryer, buy some dryer sheets and spread them around your closet. Your clothes will smell like they just got washed, even after weeks in the closet. No matter where you go, everyone will admire and remember you for your fresh scent.

Candles make your home cozy

Candles are great and they always will be. They burn the stinky air and leave a delicious scent. Plus, they add a cozy touch to your home. Light some candles whenever you got company and enjoy a feel-good atmosphere. But remember not to leave the candles burning unattended to avoid nasty surprises.

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