Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian design was already widely popular long before IKEA and co. were even founded. The Scandinavians are known for their good taste and a good eye for great design. With a focus on simple and functional, they have been making the world unsafe since the 50s and set one trend after another. I myself am absolutely in love with this design style and would like to share with you the most important features of Scandinavian design.

Scandinavian Design - Greige Living

Let me start simple first, because this is what Scandinavian design is all about. Since the days in the north are much shorter than those in the south, it is important to generate a lot of light and brightness. So the walls remain white or get light pastel tones, up to light gray. If the light allows it, but also individual accent walls with stronger colors are popular.

You will rarely find the carpet laying from wall to wall at a scandi home. Hardwoodfloors with soft treads, on the other hand, are more common.

Nude, various shades of gray, brown and a whole palette of different shades of white characterize the Scandinavian design. The neutral tones result in a clean look that is cozy, but doesn’t overwhelm the eye.

Additionally, people also like to use small splashes of color, such as dusty rose or sage green, to add lovely accents. These colors are constantly changing, depending on which dusty color is trending at the moment. This restraint on bold colors opens up the opportunity to focus on special pieces of art or furniture. One thing is clear, though: your favorite color should definitely not be missing.

Scandinavian Bedroom | Greige Living
Scandinavian Decorations | Greige Living


Did you know that in some areas in the north the sun shines for only seven hours? At least in winter, the nights are very long. That is why it is essential to provide enough light. You can freely choose from modern or industrial lights, to candles and fairy lights. Make your home extra hygge and snuggle up in your favorite place, surrounded by 1000 lights.

Since natural colors are particularly popular, the first choice of materials is real wood. Wooden floors and wooden furniture are classic features of the Scandinavian design style, but also metals, such as steel and copper, fit great into the overall picture. Fabrics like linen and cotton, complete the whole with a hygge overall picture and make your home cozy.

Have you ever seen a Scandinavian home without some kind of plants? Probably not. Houseplants bring nature into your home and make great accents. Depending on what kind of plants you use, they can also bring some benefits to your health. Check out my plant guide to find out all about the most popular houseplants.

Scandinavian Livingroom | Greige Living
Scandinavian Livingroom | Greige Living


Since Scandinavian countries are located quite far north and it is rather cold there, the choice of textiles and decorations is no surprise. Soft cotton blankets and sheepskins will make your elegant home cozy and with many different textures, will create the especially popular hygge atmosphere.

The neutral shades create a warm feeling in the room without drawing a lot of attention to themselves. To set accents in this atmosphere, decorative elements such as elegant ceramic vases, framed artwork and decorative pillows with geometric shapes are particularly suitable.


With the Scandinavians, every space is used wisely. From closet systems to organizers, chaos is not welcome and is smothered in flame by solutions. Decorative elements are also not something you should overdo, the motto is: less is more. If you would like to know how you can declare war on chaos, feel free to check out my article: How to sort your home properly.