Home Planner

You would like to turn your house or apartment into your dream home? We believe that nothing makes you happier than coming home to a place where you feel just that: HOME. In our home planner you will find a room by room guide, that gives you ideas, hacks and the necessary know how to transform every room in your home. Our moodboards give you inspiration for the right textures, colors and materials and our colors and lighting guide will give you and insight into the physics of colors and lighting. This will help you choose the right kind of colors combined with your available light, as well as the right lighting options.

In any interior design, the floor plan creates the basis for a successful design. The cut, orientation, and exterior environment determine the light, color, and atmosphere of each room.

We discuss individual room layouts and discuss the pros and cons. Many a layout can be significantly changed by specific design elements, while one or the other room, despite few or unfortunately distributed square meters, nevertheless holds more potential than expected. Every house – from a tiny-house to the penthouse apartment can be optimally adapted and designed to your needs through aesthetic and functional design and become a real home. Here we create the basis for your feel-good zone.

Like everything else in design, the choice of your furnishings plays a crucial role on your way to a feel-good oasis. Some furniture is particularly suited to small spaces, while others really come into their own in large rooms. Stylistic elements from fabrics to the right scent make your home especially cozy. What makes certain furniture particularly suitable, how sustainable are they actually and can’t you simply adapt one or the other piece of furniture yourself? And what does room planning according to Feng Shui actually mean? This and more questions we clarify in our room planner furnishing tips.

Colors and materials define our lives. They immediately appeal to our senses and are the easiest way to transform a room from drab and dreary to a place of inspiration or calm. The world of colors, patterns, materials and light is a wonderful bag of tricks in which we can make rooms appear larger or smaller, higher or deeper. 

Every room in your home is unique. From the kitchen to the bathroom, each room has had its own history and evolution. From the first bathtubs and showers 6000 years ago to today’s home spa, many years have passed full of progress and setbacks, design revolutions and style breaks that inspire and significantly influence our design today.

Which shapes and colors are currently in fashion and are particularly suitable for the desired atmosphere? In our room planner you will find inspiration, tutorials and interior design tips for every room, from the floor plan to the finishing touches.

It’s like almost everything in life. Spontaneity is great, but unfortunately doesn’t always work out. Don’t get us wrong – we LOVE spontaneous design decisions and gut feelings. But this is about the place where you spend most of your time besides maybe at your workplace. Accordingly, such a place should not just be a place, but your home, where you love to be. So pay a little attention to your home to furnish it properly and feel very comfortable in the long run.