Greige Living is your magazine style blog with tips, tricks and tutorials about interior design. Get inspired and make your house or apartment your absolute favorite place. We love our home and know how important it is to feel completely comfortable and at home within our own four walls.


Home Planner

Meet your home’s best friend – the Interior Home Planner! It is your creative helper to design your space just the way you want. Get inspired by our moldboards and design one room after the other with our room-by-room guide. Last but not least finish it off with the perfect color/lighting combination. Your perfect home is just a plan away!

Interior Guide

Discover our Interior Guide, where we share the latest trends, give you an insight into the different design styles, and tell you a bit about interior history. We help you understand what fits your taste, making your home not just trendy but also telling your story.

DIY – Projects

Get ready to be your own home designer with Interior DIY Projects! It’s like a creative adventure for your space. Using easy steps and everyday tools, you can craft personalized decor and smart storage solutions. Unleash your creativity, and watch your home transform into a uniquely stylish haven. DIY magic awaits!

You’re looking for inspiration for your home or would you like to make someone happy with a redesign? You just don’t feel comfortable in your own four walls anymore and would like to change that? Or do you just love to do creative projects yourself and are looking for the right tutorials? You’ve come to the right place: we love to get creative and know how important it is to feel really comfortable at home. You’ll find a guidebook with individual tips for each room.

Would you like to live more sustainably? Sustainability is very important to us and we would like to support you on your journey to a more sustainable life and help you with words and deeds.

You just don’t know which design style suits you? Take our quiz and learn to put your taste into words. And last but not least, get creative with us and conjure up great DIY’s for every season. The most important thing is that it’s fun and we can help you make Interior dreams come true.