DIY Projects

We love to get creative and make our home with homemade designs. Finding sustainable solutions and creating something that not everyone has at home. DIY projects don’t mean pure work for us, but rather the chance to implement a project individually with our own hands. For someone like us, who would like to design their home every day over and over again, this is a great opportunity to be creative and easy on the budget.

You are ready to give your home a makeover, but don’t know where to start? Let’s find out out what you don’t like about it first and then we figure out how to change it. Not everything has to be replaced by something new. Sometimes we own some hidden gems, that need to get stripped back to its original material, or maybe even just a good swap of paint.

For us, the idea of sustainability also means taking another look at a piece of furniture before throwing it away and considering whether it can give the room a new shine with a little fresh paint. With our tips and tricks, you can get some beautiful transformations done without even buying a new piece. Plus, these projects are a ton of fun.

DIY Ideas for every project

Each season brings with it its own special features that create a certain mood of the time. In spring it is especially the tulips and fresh colors and in winter the smell of cinnamon and hot wine in the air. To prepare your home for the coming season, we have picked out some great DIY project ideas for you.

In addition, we would like to show you which decorations are very typical for the individual season and which may not be quite so typical, but still very appropriate. Individuality is very important to us, which is why we are super excited to surprise you here with our fresh ideas and tutorials.

As furniture designers, there is of course nothing better for us than to make great furniture ourselves. But not every piece of furniture has to be produced by a company. Some furniture is easy to build yourself and looks really good doing it. From shoe cabinets to newspaper racks, we are happy to create beautiful things with you.

How to turn your yard into your personal paradise – The yard is our living room in the open air and should, at least in good weather, also be a place to enjoy. The great thing is, for the yard there are countless DIY projects that also make your yard beautiful. We have developed a few ideas for you, tested and turned into tutorials. Have fun.

DIY Homedecor

Decorations often don’t have to be as tricky as they may look. Some things you can easily do yourself with the right tips and tutorials. We have collected some of our favorite decorations and made tutorials for you. Have fun doing it yourself.